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Endangered Species

In the late 1960’s ALL THREE provincial parties sitting in the B.C legislature AGREED that the Gulf Islands were so distinctly beautiful, environmentally sensitive and subject to development pressure, that special governmental protection was required. They created a new form of government for this rare provincial asset.

The Islands Trust Act of 1974 was enacted to “preserve and protect the Trust Area and its unique amenities for the benefit of residents of the Trust Area and of the Province of B.C.” All parties were unanimous in their conclusion that the usual form of governance (municipal incorporation under the Local Governments Act) would NOT afford sufficient protection to the rarest ecosystem in the province.

Our elected representatives are called “Trustees” to reflect their duty to fulfill the mandate of The Trust. As anticipated by the legislature of the seventies, developmental pressure on the Gulf Islands has increased significantly.

Today’s challenges require a continued commitment to Trust principles so that future generations may appreciate all that makes these islands and our island way of life so special.

Current Issues

Some of the issues of concern to islanders that will be addressed in the coming weeks:

  • Industrial zoned land
  • Escalating property taxes
  • Affordable housing
  • Protection of our drinking water
  • Community impact of a seasonal economy
  • Protection of rural areas and farmland
  • Tourism and much more